Monday, March 26, 2012

mont st-michel. take two.


We woke up bright & early this morning for another full day of visits and touring. With another breakfast of pain au chocolat happily in our bellies (I think my Uncle Jack will never be the same after experiencing the delight that is pain au chocolat...), we headed back to the Caen Memorial to go through the museum. We did not have enough time yesterday, and we knew it was worth the visit.

It was a very detailed and involved museum. Starting from the end of World War I and going all through European history until the fall of the Berlin Wall (roughly 1918-1989, over 70 years of history...). There were so many artifacts from soldiers, the war field, civilians, and all of the affected governments. It took a few hours to walk through it all and read all of the descriptions.

After spending the morning at the museum, we drove to Mont St-Michel. Like a few weeks ago, we had great weather and the fam was blown away! They loved it, and it was so much fun seeing their reactions to this important French monument. We visited the abbey and the surrounding city, enjoyed a lunch in the sun, and then headed to Evreux for the night!

the bay :)

Another lovely day with the family! This week will be full of adventures!

pax christi.


  1. Maura! Glad to see your family got to come see you! I hope you are continuing to enjoy your time in France! Everything looks so beautiful, soak it up.

    1. It was such a blessing to have my family here! My time here is quickly winding down, but I am making sure to eat it all up (literally and figuratively.)!