Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wednesday in paris!


beautiful spring flowers!

It is so fun to see American friends in a foreign country. That will really never grow old.

Today, I got to meet up with a friend from the University of Illinois. We met on a service trip to New Orleans just about a year ago, and now she is studying in Rome while I'm living in France. In Paris for her spring break, we wanted to meet up and, since I don't work on Wednesdays (or ever...really...), we decided to meet up for lunch in the afternoon! It was great to catch up, and I'm always down for a Wednesday in Paris.

On this second day of spring, the weather was just as glorious. And walking around in it in Paris--under a perfectly blue, cloudless sky with a shining sun reflecting off of every gold-topped church and monument--was just fantastic. Everyone was out enjoying the beautiful day!

Basically, I love Paris and I am very blessed.

pax christi.

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