Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Today we hit a major milestone. This morning was so bright and warm that I was able to walk to school for the first time since October! Now, I normally walk to and from school at lunch, and in the afternoon. But the morning, at 8am, is usually too dark, drizzly, and cold to brave the mile + walk uphill. But this morning was much different and I walked to school in the sun!

On a more somber note, France has been dealing with a pretty serious tragedy lately. On Monday morning in Toulouse, which is in the South, a man on a motorcycle shot and killed three students and a rabbi in front of a Jewish school. This shocking murder spree was immediately linked to another set of murders a few weeks ago. Three French military officers were shot and killed in Toulouse as well. Though this wasn't as widely publicized as the school shootings, they were just as unprovoked and shocking. The gunman was finally located yesterday and, after a nearly 30-hour stand-off in his apartment building, was killed in an attempt to leave. The whole situation has been in the news and in the air for days. Though the gunman was of Arab descent himself, he seemed to have specifically targeted Arabs and Jews and these attacks are recognized as the most violent hate crimes against Arabs since September 11th.

At Mass this evening, the priest gave a great homily relating to the recent assassinations. One of the soldiers that was killed a few weeks ago was Catholic, and his father recently released a statement forgiving the man who killed his son. This public statement has come as a shock to most non-Catholics, to whom such blatant and immediate forgiveness seems impossible. But it is sending a very important message that is particularly important during Lent. Hatred and violence will not solve anything--they cannot work to a productive end. Love and forgiveness, on the other hand, can and will changes lives.

The families that have been directly affected by these murders need lots of prayers, as does this country whose citizens are dividing and fighting against themselves.

pax christi.

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