Monday, March 19, 2012

spring is springing.


Even though this past weekend was a little bit dreary (and consequently rather lazy and unmotivated...), the past week in Evreux has been just glorious, and is continuing into this week! We have had sunshine and warm temperatures all week, and it is just incredible the good that can do! Evreux has come out of hibernation; cafés have put out all of their outdoor tables, flowers are beginning to bloom, the sidewalks are filled with amblers, even the ducks are looking (and sounding) more alive.

I took advantage of the upswing in the weather by treating myself to lunch outside, reading by the river, long walks around town, and opening my windows to let in fresh--and not freezing--air! Today, the trend continued. A relaxing morning, the product and prize of not working most days of the week, with Mass in the morning, a sweet treat by the river in front of the Cathedral, some time to read and enjoy the sun, followed by a leisurely walk around town has been the perfect formula for celebrating St. Joseph's feast day!

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pax christi.

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