Saturday, March 24, 2012

saturday in evreux...

+jmj+ wonderfully French. I just wanted to walk around all day. And that really is what I did most of the day. Springtime suits Evreux very much. Especially on a Saturday, when everyone is at the market, except without heavy coats and giant scarves. Kids walk around with ice cream cones instead of warm croissants.

The warm weather is continuing, and will be here for the rest of this week as well. It is unheard of for spring here! I briefly reviewed weather and the seasons with my kids this week and, when we got to spring, they all gave the typical description of "It's rainy", "It's cloudy", "It's windy". But a few of my (brighter) students pointed out that it was, in fact, currently spring but neither rainy nor cloudy nor windy! So we added a nice big sun next to the rain and clouds because this spring deserves it. All the Normands are taking advantage of this unusual weather, and they're quite nice this way :)

pax christi.

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