Friday, March 9, 2012

back for good. relatively.


the ocean. excuse my hair.

Today, I officially got back from my whirlwind, 2-week vacation. I spent this past week in Bretagne, with a friend from the Cathedral who's from Bretagne. We squatted chez her parents, who were so welcoming and adorable and good to us, and spent the week traveling around visiting tourist destinations as well as family and friends. I ate plenty of delicious meals, saw some really cool French things, and also got to relax and catch up on some reading. It was quite a bit different from my voyage in Switzerland/Northern France last week, but it was lovely.

Now I have this weekend to come to terms with the fact that I actually have to work next week. Because I do have an actual job, contrary to what my present lifestyle would indicate. But it really is the countdown from here. I have two months (and 18 days of teaching) left to eat/travel/dance my way through France and then it's back to home soil before I know it. Let's get this marathon started!

pax christi.

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