Monday, February 20, 2012

lent is upon us


evreux is so beautiful right now!

In just two days, on Wednesday, the Lenten season will begin. Ash Wednesday marks the 40-day period before Easter where the Church prepares Herself for this most important feast with prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It's the most solemn time in the liturgical calendar, but that austerity helps us to focus on what is most important--Christ.

We usually focus on the sacrifices of Lent. "I'm giving up chocolate", "I'm giving up Facebook", "I'm giving  up broccoli". But we usually forget about the other significant tenets. This Lent, I know what I'll be fasting from, but even more importantly than that, I want to focus on prayer and almsgiving. How can I grow in my personal relationship with God? How can I better help others? These things haven't always been super easy in France. But I need to work on them. And I have 40 days to do so!

We can all use these 40 days ahead of us to grow closer to God. It will make the celebration of Easter, the Resurrection of Our Lord that much sweeter.

pax christi.

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