Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, and I was so happy to spend the whole day at school talking about this holiday! There are so many mixed perceptions of Valentine's Day, and plenty of people who would rather have nothing to do with the day, but I think it's a wonderful reminder to show appreciation for our loved ones--even without a significant other!

It was a fun day at school, even though we didn't get to make valentine's as I had planned. Unlike in American elementary schools, Valentine's Day isn't celebrated or recognized very much at all in French schools. The kids don't exchange valentines or candy, there are no parties, teachers don't decorate their classrooms. But I was determined to focus on this American classic, and all week at that :)

With my kids, we played a little game with matching broken hearts, talked about why we celebrate Valentine's day, learned a poem, and shared who/what we love. I asked the kids who they loved (family, friends, parents, chocolate--that is what I shared with them to get them started). It was too funny hearing all their responses. I wrote down some of the funniest throughout the day: hamburgers, animals, girls, tv, English, school, teachers, Maura (warmed my heart), candy, friands, apple cake, snowmen, video games, dancing, rollerblading, jump ropes, cake, lollipops, dogs, cats, great-aunt. The boys were mostly responsible for the inanimate objects, but some of the girls admitted to loving things as well as people. My 2 favorite responses of the day (lasagne and mushrooms), both came from girls.

I've had a couple little Valentine's Day treats, including one of my classes being cancelled in the afternoon (always nice to have a few more hours off...), and wine & chocolate cake with the girls tonight. It has been a lovely Valentine's Day! And now back to Paris for tomorrow...

pax christi.

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