Monday, January 16, 2012

wintertime is here...


our beautiful blue sky behind the Cathedral

Winter is approaching quickly in Evreux. Last week, we enjoyed upper-40's to mid-50's, but this weekend brought about a sharp contrast. The temperature is hovering right around freezing! It's a very dry chill. No snow, no rain, no sleet. Not even any clouds in the sky. Which is lovely to look at, but it's too cold to actually enjoy the sun outside!

I managed to leave my apartment twice today. This morning, to go to Mass. Then again this afternoon to straighten out some more paperwork. Both times, I was bundled up. Both times, I just about froze, even though I wanted to walk around! So I hibernated the rest of the day, and it was lovely.

Here's to the chill, and its beautiful blue skies :)

pax christi.

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