Sunday, January 22, 2012

le panorama


Most typical French Sundays include the following: Mass (for the practicing Catholics, of whom there are sadly few), a big midday meal, and a walk. Everything is basically closed except the church, so deviation from that isn't very possible anyway.

the public gardens in evreux

Today was a lovely day in Evreux and so, to celebrate Sunday, I went to Mass, enjoyed a yummy brunch, and took a long walk outside. Here's a bit of what I saw.

I walked up one side of the hills surrounding Evreux to the Panorama. It's a beautiful lookout point from where you can see most of the town. The perspective is perfect, and so it's a really great place to go, pray, and reflect on a blessed life in this little French town!

evreux from the panorama--can you spy the cathedral?!

As an added bonus, on the trek home, I found this on my apartment's corner. Which I had never seen before, ever. I knew Mary was watching over me, I just didn't know how very close!

mama mary, pray for us.

Happy Sunday!

pax christi.

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