Sunday, January 15, 2012

sundays in france


Sunday is the Lord's Day, the day of rest. France, as a very historically Catholic country, takes full advantage of this! Sunday means that life slows down and, in many cases, even stops. It is a day for families to relax together, to take walks, and, of course, to eat! Basically nothing is open, except for a bakery or two in town to buy bread and pastries and maybe a restaurant. Other than that, no grocery stores, no shops, no library, no caf├ęs. Nothing. The streets are deserted.

Sundays are lovely. Even if I don't have my family to spend the whole day with, I have my French family that I get to spend extra time with on Sundays. And I have so much time to relax, take walks in the beautiful weather and Normand countryside, read. With everything closed, you are forced to forget about errands and rather to focus on what is so much more important.

In college, it was the goal to not do any school work on Sunday. This was the ideal, but honestly, it rarely happened. That would have meant finishing homework and reading and studying on Friday and Saturday. Not likely. Towards the end of senior year, I wasn't as caught up in the stress of studies, and would allow myself a work-free Sunday even if it meant some major catching up during the week. I was learning that it's worth it to spend at least one day of the week focusing on what matters most: God, and family (that includes friends who feel like family).

Now, I am practically mandated to not do work on Sundays. (And it doesn't hurt that I have Mondays off--to catch up on my work!)

Take advantage of Sunday. The Lord rested, and so should you!

pax christi.

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