Sunday, January 8, 2012

lessons in jet-lag


I love to travel, but my body is often at odds with this passion. As exhilarating and mentally stimulating as travel is, it takes a lot of physical energy! I got back to France on Monday morning--almost a week ago now. It doesn't usually take me so long to get fully re-acclimated but, this time when coming east from the west, it has taken a particularly grueling toll on my body. I'll sleep 10 hours one night and not at all the next and my brain and my body do this frustrating little tango until they finally get that circadian rhythm just right.

There is not a lot to do to avoid this, however. I've made the trip from the United States to Europe 3 times in the past 6 months, and each time has required a different adjustment period. So I can't even say that I have learned how to properly adjust, or what my body needs to feel normal, or how long the whole process will take. I can guarantee that for, at least a few days, I'll say silly things, forget where I am when I wake up, have trouble falling asleep, and basically be out of it. But it's worth it!

This weekend was just what I needed to feel completely normal again. No hazy, dream-like wandering around Evreux anymore! I'm caught up on sleep, in tune with the time zone, and full of energy finally! I think it was the Epiphany that did it :)

pax christi.

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