Tuesday, January 10, 2012

french basketball


The big show Sunday night in Evreux was the city basketball game. Evreux has a "professional" team and I went with some of the assistants to watch. It was interesting, to say the least, and I thoroughly enjoyed comparing a French sporting experience to an American one.

the fan section

First, most blatant observation: the "stadium" they play in is smaller than my high school gym. I don't know if the Bulls could even fit in there to practice! It was tiny, and so much smaller than I would have expected. But on the other hand, it is Evreux, so it shouldn't be too surprising in fact. There were certainly plenty of devoted fans packed in there, both young and old, to cheer on the Evreux...

Mascots. Most French (or really any European) team don't have one! Running around during the game and time-outs were a clown and a lion. So I guess if Evreux has any semblance of a mascot it would be a...circus? It was random, and hilarious.

the starting line-up, complete with lion and mini basketball players

The game itself was fairly normal. Evreux played very poorly--no defense and a very low 3-point percentage--but it was still exciting to be at a game. And to learn French basketball vocabulary! There are 3 Americans on the team, which is pretty cool. The game started with the Bulls theme song music (typical), and the players came out of the locker room with little players--like Big Brothers or something. It was cute, and one of my students was in the pack! The game itself did resemble a high school game, to be honest. And half-time consisted of the clown playing a game of pick-up with himself.

evreux in action

Evreux lost, though deservingly. They really didn't play well unfortunately. But we had an enjoyable time making fun of silly players names (Steeve Ho You Fat. really?!), singing to pop songs released 5 years ago, and planning dance parties for the near future. I think I'll leave the professional sports--besides soccer and rugby--to Americans.

pax christi.

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