Tuesday, November 22, 2011

turkeys according to 8 year olds


As a little pre-Thanksgiving treat (and because I've celebrated it all week long in France...), here are some of the most unique hand turkeys ever created. I'm pretty sure all of my students think that Thanksgiving is a big party Americans throw every Thursday--you try explaining Thanksgiving in English to a bunch of kids who don't speak English...--but at least they can all draw a turkey with their hands now! I'm teaching them some useful skills at least!

this kid was a little confused--he thought we were
actually drawing our hands rather than just tracing them,
hence the turkey with fingernails & a tattoo...

the turkey with 5 hearts

look closely--this turkey has glasses :)

It was too funny seeing what they all came up with! There was also a turkey decorated with the colors of the French flag. And almost every kid at some point erased their turkey because they thought it was too ugly. I was very encouraging, but everyone took their turkey-drawing very seriously. It made me proud :)

Happy early Thanksgiving! We are feasting in Evreux today! I wish you all a blessed day full of gratitude, love, and plenty of food!

pax christi.

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  1. Maura, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. With Love, Your Great Aunt in Sun City, Il.