Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dreaming of a white christmas...


...and I'll have to keep dreaming for now. Winter and anything that even remotely resembles it, including snow, is very far from Evreux! Today, for example, the last day of November, the sun was shining all day, and the thermometer stayed in the upper 40's to lower 50's! Beautiful weather, but not as seasonal as I know!

The weather in general here is certainly milder that I am used to. I have been told that this fall in particular has been unusually mild, with much less rain and cold than normal. But even in general, the weather isn't anything like Chicago! Everyone always asks me about how Chicago compares to Evreux in terms of climate, and I always reply that Chicago is much colder. I recently told this to someone at the Cathedral, and he proceeded to give a very involved geographical analysis of this. In terms of latitude, Chicago is physically closer to the Equator than Evreux (and most of France, for that matter), so you would expect Chicago to have the warmer climate. But, because of the jet stream, it is in fact France that is warmer for the most part. Thus I find myself with September-worthy weather at Christmastime!

I've asked some French friends if we can expect snow at some point this winter, and they are all optimistic. So I anticipate at least a little bit of beautiful French snow in Normandy! But, as one friend wisely noted, I should hope that it doesn't come too soon--I don't want anything causing any trouble for my flight home! So snow can come in January, and that'll be fine by me!

pax christi.

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