Monday, April 23, 2012

the weekend with maureen.


My mom got here on Friday! Within a matter of hours Friday morning, I taught my last English class (ever...) and then welcomed my mom into Paris! It was an eventful morning--bittersweet (and exciting) to be done teaching, and then super exciting to see my mom right here, in France, finally!

We have had a lovely weekend. Starting off with the grand tour of Evreux on Friday and Saturday morning, Maureen got to taste just how awesome life is in this sleepy town. We saw Roman ruins, the river, the gardens, and much more. She was impressed.

Next stop, on Saturday, was Deauville-Trouville! After some issues with a rental car that did not actually exist...we hopped on over to the coast via train. These neighboring towns (Deauville on one side of the river, Trouville on the other) are a popular coastal destination for many French vacationers as well as tourists and international movie stars. Deauville is home to an annual summer film festival that attracts famous people from all over. Even with a slight chill in the air, we had a beautiful blue sky and friendly sun to light up our day. I had never been there before, so we got to discover these beautiful little towns together!

the boardwalk in trouville

i'm in the ocean!!! i'm so happy!!!

along the river

Again, with our original plans nixed by a lack of vehicule, Sunday's agenda was altered as well. A few times...We had planned on visiting the American Cemetery, the World War II memorials, and the D-Day beaches but that was all rendered impossible, unfortunately. So we improvised, and I cannot think of any better way to spend ANY day than in PARIS! So we took the train in for the day (and night...) to explore my beloved city.

First stop, Montmartre and Sacré Coeur.

Next up, Notre Dame! Very briefly.

Then we walked through the Luxembourg gardens, one of my favorite spots to sit, bask in the sun, and people watch. Those are basically required Parisian activities, and the Luxembourg gardens are the perfect backdrop.

We ate dinner in an adorable little Swiss chalet restaurant near St-Germain-des-Près, but ended up missing the last train back to Evreux! Lucky for us, there was a miracle train at 12:20am (the same miracle train that appeared when I came home from Rome...I know I'm being looked after!). That also meant that we had 3 extra hours in Paris!!! There really is not much more beautiful than Paris at night. The City of Lights truly shines at night. Reflections off the Seine, the sparkling Eiffel Tower, churches and monuments glowing with spires, statues, and windows. Paris is truly magical at night.

We took a Seine river tour, and I actually learned quite a few facts about the bridges that I had not previously known. That was quite pleasing. And even though we were rained on a bit, and shivering in the cool spring air, it was a lovely little cruise. I had never taken a boat ride on the Seine, so it was a new perspective for me as well!

And now, this afternoon, we just arrived in Bordeaux! The next few days will be filled with wine, walking, and (hopefully) better weather. We are staying at a gorgeous apartment, and I am excited to discover a new city! And, of course, drink plenty of Bordeaux :) Cheers to more French adventures with my mom!

pax christi.

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