Sunday, December 18, 2011

quick post for a long journey


I officially begin my trek home today!!! This weekend has been absolutely incredible, and the fact that I get to end it in Paris, then Chicago, makes me even happier!

This weekend was particularly marked by birthdays. Friday and Saturday were both friends' birthdays, and we celebrated each of them. Friday night was girl's night. We had planned on going bowling, then having pizza, cake, and playing cards at a friend's apartment, but that plan turned into grocery shopping and chatting over pizza and wine! It wasn't what we had originally had in mind, but we had a fun night anyway!

Then Saturday was the particularly busy day. It was a camp day for Katorin, so I headed to Louviers, a neighboring town, around noon and we spent the afternoon eating and preparing for the kids to arrive around 4pm. We played games, had a snack, made paper angels for Christmas, then all went to Mass together.

After Mass, we headed back to the rectory, where there was a birthday party for Audrey and Marie Annick! There were about 20 people there, lots of food (as usual!), singing, dancing, laughing. It was a great night, and the perfect little send off from Evreux before a few weeks in the States!

opening gifts

This afternoon, after Mass at the Cathedral, I'm heading into Paris to spend the night with a friend from UofI, then heading to the airport early Monday to catch my flight home! ETA into Chicago is about 4:20pm Monday evening, after more than 16 hours of traveling, in one day...I can't wait! :)

pax christi.

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