Sunday, December 11, 2011

christmas in paris


With every visit, I am more and more convinced that Paris is the most magical, lovely city in the whole world. It doesn't get old--this city is something else.

Yesterday, I went into the city once again. The second time in a week. And that has happened before. I was meeting up with Rose, a friend from U of I who is studying in France for the year. We were going to visit some of the Christmas markets in Paris, and catch up before I left for home! What was supposed to be a foggy Saturday turned into a beautiful, sunny day.

l'Assemblé Nationale

Christmas market near the Eiffel Tower

skating Santa

letters to Santa

Walking around the market, several vendors told me Bonnes vacances, which means basically "have a good vacation". Most of the people walking around were very obviously tourists, and so it made sense to assume that 2 English-speaking girls were just on vacation in Paris. But it made me so happy to think to myself that I'm not on vacation--I actually live here!

Paris by sunset, from the steps of La Madeleine

pax christi.

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