Wednesday, October 5, 2011

here comes fall!


Fall is making its way into Evreux! After two weeks of beautiful, nearly-summer weather, it is starting to really feel like fall here. Evreux is surrounded by hills, trees, and apple orchards! So the leaves are starting to change color and fall. It's really beautiful :) Today is the first overcast, drizzly day since I've been here, but the locals all say that this is typical weather for the region. Normandy is known for it's apples, as well, so I'm looking forward to apple picking--it'll be a little reminder of a Midwest autumn that is also culturally relevant here!

Last Thursday, I finally moved into my apartment! I live in a humble studio in Centreville (downtown). It's a great location, close to my 2 schools, the bus systems, the library, plenty of restaurants and shops, a grocery store, you get the picture. It really is prime location and I feel super blessed to have found it! Now when I say humble, I truly mean that--it's tiny, but it's enough space for me! Expect pictures when I've done a little bit more decorating :)

More exciting news is that I start observing in the classrooms that I'll be assisting in tomorrow! I met with the principals of the two schools that I'll be working in, and they were both very kind and excited to welcome me into their schools. My official title is English Language Assistant--I won't be the English teacher in the classroom (there is a trained English teacher in that role), but I'll be working with that teacher to lead class lessons, encourage students to speak, explain American culture, and offer any other personal experience that I have. I'm sure I'll be using plenty of songs and games from growing up and Totus Tuus! All of the teachers I have met have said that most of these kids think that America is paradise--due in large part to what they see on tv and in movies. So they'll have lots of questions for me! I'm very excited to meet the students and start working!

L'Abbaye de la Trappe

One more quick anecdote: this past weekend I went on a retreat at a Trappist Abbey about an hour south of Evreux. It was only from Saturday-Sunday, but it was a great opportunity to see more of this region, meet more French people around my age, and to have a little peace and quiet to meditate and pray. The Abbey was beautiful--very serene. We took a few walks around the property, which includes a few lakes and a forest! And we also shared some delicious, traditional French meals. It was a wonderful weekend :)

The church at La Trappe

pax christi.

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