Friday, October 14, 2011

apples and fall in normandy



Life has been moving quickly here in Evreux. Not only has fall settled in easily, but I have also started working! Being in two French elementary schools has been fun, but there are a lot of differences from the American education system! I've been getting adjusted to that, but also trying to bring in a little more fun--probably a result of three summers of teaching Totus Tuus! We'll see how this all progresses; the transition in the schools is still a little awkward. I'm trying to find my place, but I know it'll all work out!

On a much more fun note--I have gone apple picking twice in the past week! Just outside of town, there is an apple orchard where you can pick your own apples--and plenty of other delicious fruits and vegetables! I've biked there with the two other American language assistants--Emma and Faustyna--twice, and I'm sure we'll be back again soon! Going to the orchard is a wonderful reminder of home, and Midwest falls. It's not exactly Curtis (in Champaign--I miss apple donuts!), but it is a worthy French equivalent :)

As I have already mentionned, Normandy is known for it's apples, and we are in prime apple season right now. So not only am I taking advantage of freshly-picked, delicious juicy apples, I also get to enjoy yummy apple pastries! I have been a happy camper lately!

riding a tractor. we're both imports from the midwest :)
strawberries--in october!!!

What amazed us all, walking around this orchard, was that there are still strawberries, perfectly ripe and amazingly delicious! It is probably due to the wonderful weather that we've had and the prolongation of summer that they have survived into the middle of October. I'm certainly not complaining! I was just beaming enjoying strawberries right off the stem!

Life has been great here. I continue to feel so blessed that I have this opportunity, and I'm still smitten with Evreux :)

pax christi.

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