Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm here!


After a hectic day of travelling with luggage heavier than myself...I finally made it to Evreux, France. The town that I will call home until next spring!

one of my favorite river walks near city hall and the bell tower

Evreux is a medium-sized town that is surrounded by beautiful hills, farms, and apple orchards in Normandy. As a region in northwest France, Normandy is most famous among Americans as being the landing in WWII for the D-Day invasions. Normans are also known to be particularly friendly to Americans--a characteristic that I have already experienced!

When I arrived on Tuesday, I was greeted at the train station by my contact professor, who is so nice and friendly. He took me to the hotel that I'd be staying at until I found a permanent residence in town. I crashed pretty quickly, making sure I'd have enough energy and rest to start exploring the next day!

The past 3 days have been filled with just that--lots of exploring--as I continue to discover all that this little town has to offer. There are plenty of adorable cafés, bakeries, shops, and monuments to frequent. The Cathedral in Evreux is also one of the largest in France. So cool!

Cathédrale de Notre-Dame, Evreux

I have felt so blessed the entire time that I have been here so far. Everything has been falling into place perfectly--and that's because God must've truly wanted me here! I still have some settling in to do, but I am confident that it will all continue to go smoothly. All summer, and continuing into the fall, my favorite quote (and mantra) has been from St. Irenaeus, one of the great Fathers of the Church. "The greatest glory of God is man fully alive". I am so hopeful that I'm following His Will right now because I do feel so alive! Seeing so many beautiful places and meeting so many people brings me a total sense of exhilaration. I pray that sensation follows me all year, as I continue to try new things, visit new places, and meet new people. God is so good!

pax christi.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Can you post more of the Cathedral? It looks so incredibly ornate and awesome!

  2. What a magnificent creature you are!!!!! What a wonderful opportunity that your beautiful eyes can take in all of the magnificence surrounding you. I am also enjoying everything that you write. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I am reliving my visit to Europe so very many years ago.
    I love you Dearly,